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    The world has changed, and so are we.

    WeStore is the first-ever company in Vietnam that connects organizations in need of additional spaces with organizations with extra spaces, enhanced by technology. We're building the new model for warehousing and fulfillment services to help retailers and brands can store and move goods faster and cheaper.

Our commitments:
    • high-quality on-demand warehousing spaces
    • professional fulfillment solutions
    • trustworthy delivery services


    1. On-demand Warehousing Solution
    • No long-term contracts commitments
    • No fixed-fees and startup costs
    • No complicated technology integration and investment
    • No worries for unplanned storage, pay only for the space and services you use

    2. An E-commerce Fulfilment Solution
It's clear that e-commerce is growing fast. Speed, efficiency, and accuracy are the most important factors when shipping orders for e-retailers' customers. Increasing your revenue and keeping your logistics cost low  are now much easier, with us. Focus on your sales, and leave the connecting part to us.

    WHY US

Our target customers are:
    • Brand retailers 
    • Trading business owners 
    • E-commerce merchants 
    who wish to find a short-term yet high quality warehousing solution without sacrificing huge financial investment risks.
    On WeStore platform,  our customers will save time and cost resulting from managing projects which centralize the workflows for scheduling deliveries and pickups, managing inventory, and billing.

    WeStore connects many warehouse owners / providers across Viet Nam and soon all over Asia to help customers shorten the last-mile for retail distribution by storing goods closer to intake centers. As business owners, small and medium companies have enough resources and finacing to focus on and not have the time and energy to spend measuring, repacking, labeling, wrapping and palletizing, leave the complex part to us. We serve logistics needs at all business levels, playing as the right-hand side in building companies’ dynamic distribution networks.

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