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USA is a place full of memories for me.

10 years ago, an young engineer often flew to Silicon Valley.

Now, a tired shrimp hobbyist flies to Aquatic Experience, Chicago.

Next year, as planned I will fly to USA for new scoops.

​I am start-up this business, shrimp breeding and retail 10 years, I know what is an international markets, as I am a Vietnamese, I know East and West. When someone work with me, I make sure he is successful. There are many hobbyists who turn to successfully shrimp breeder and seller, some are found in Europe, Singapore and now Vietnam. I want to work with someone who work with me alone as technical /supplier/business consultant. So l can tell what I know


¿Cómo crear una comunidad educada para desarrollar una futura generación de negocios basada en la pasión y los intereses, y lo más importante es contribuir a la tierra con un entorno mejor?

Before talking about breeders. Find out about Pure Red Line.

(in the past 1 to 2 years, professional breeders have pursued new models, the best models. Most of them neglected color development.
Just deal with a breeder, 7 pure red pieces from your non-selling tank. He reminded me 3 times not to mix this line with another CRS, even from him, I didn't ask for the reason but I guess the other line would destroy the red and white gene.
Understanding from him, this line will not run into the golden gene. Nowsaday, high-end CRS can easily run into yellow genes.)

To start off your Pure Red Line (RedBee) breeding program without golden (white shrimp) recessive genes, the best way to send them for DNA test. But.... thats the practical, here, is another method that can be carried out to validate your Pure Red Line breeding stock carries golden genes. Golden CRS offshrings can appear after many generation of breeding if the inital breeding stock is not tested even without intensional introduction of golden genes.

Golden genes in Pure Red Line is deemed undesirable by majorities in communities around the world.
The method as follow:

- Pair A: PRL female with a golden male
- Pair B: PRL male with a golden female

If Pair A has no golden offsprings but all red offsprings, then the female in Pair A does not has golden genes.

If Pair B has no golden offsprings but all red offsprings, then the male in Pair B does not has golden genes.
After you have comfirm both PRL of different sex has no golden genes, put these 2 together to breed, the offsprings are comfirmed not to carry golden genes, so will be the offsprings' offspring.

The chances of these 2 to breed out golden offsprings, the chance of it will be extremely remote, just like striking a $10mil lottery, but this time, the breeder get no prize.

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  • 8/118, Tran Khanh Du Street, May To Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam.

  • sinhcanhquocte@hotmail.com

  • https://1drv.ms/f/s!Aj6rfd3rlqQ0drL_47W2g8DMmeE

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