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Polaris is a cybersecurity company specializing in the protection of the community via the fastest growing cyber attack vector - web applications. We want to make cyber accessible and easy to understand, while integrating it so that you don"t have to think about it. Security is no longer a luxury or option in this technologically reliant world and the risk is real, so we want to provide it as a silent guardian 24/7, integrated into services you already use everyday.

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Polaris is a cybersecurity company specializing in Web Application & API Security. Our goal is to make security accessible and easy to understand for everyone...even those that don't know they need it. Security in a technologically expanding world is NOT a luxury or an option so we aim to integrate security into existing services that customers already utilize. We utilize AI/ML to deter/detect attacks before they happen against the fastest growing cyber attack vector - people's web domains. We're growing via a shared infrastructure distribution model for regional/global scaling, integrating directly into the infrastructure of domain hosts and cloud service providers as opposed to focusing on just direct B2C Enterprise sales.

Distinct platform features and services set our product apart from not just regional but global players. Standard integrations include Threat Intelligence, full L3/4/7 DDoS protection, Zero Trust Access, hybrid cloud/on-premise deployment models, and offer Managed Security Services so that even the company with no IT or security team can take advantage of having security. Deep competitor research demonstrates that our business model is not being used due to large companies having organic infrastructure capabilites (very high costs) or being more regionally focused due to their more cyber aware environment, or being limited in scalability due to niche deployment models. 

Our team sits in both Singapore and Vietnam to position ourselves for regional/global expansion. The co-founders come from a combined 70 years of cybersecurity, deep tech, and entrepreneurship experience and are serving as pioneers for this emerging market.

Bottomline, the current cyber environment is fragmented with no market leaders, and is an emerging market with APAC at large being projected as the fastest growing global region in cybersecurity adoption for the next decade. When you ask the public about cybersecurity, they are generally unaware of companies or services, or what it actually is. This will change. This is an opportunity to be amongst the first movers for cybersecurity. 

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