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Thue.today is startup company with the most automated, thus most cost effective recruitment website in Vietnam. Thue.today is designed to provide a job everyone regardless of their skills, educational background or geographical location. Thue.today focuses on Hospitality, F&B and Retail industries.

Giới thiệu

Recruitment demands in fast changing markets such as Vietnam is unpredictable, and demands can arise quickly. Traditional Online Recruitment Systems aren’t equipped to meet such pace. They are also expensive for small to medium size companies. Thue.today comes with free job posts and a dashboard with free to use application management software. With its fully automated system, the startup is able to minimize the cost for employers, the only need to pay a nominal amount to unlock the contact information of candidates they find most suitable.

Thue.today was tested with high employee turnover industries such as hospitality and Food and Beverage services. It quickly became apparent that with the new self service model of recruitment is needed in other industries too. With the lack of middle men and a tight team along with a lot of help with technology and social media, Thue is able to make recruitment process efficient, fast and cost effective.

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  • Thue Today

  • Thue.today

  • 10 Lương Định Của, Bình Khánh, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh

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  • https://thue.today/

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