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Thue.today - Automated recruitment solutions for: Food and Beverage, Hotel, Restaurants & Retail.

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Thue.today is startup company with the most automated, thus most cost effective recruitment website in Vietnam. Thue.today is designed to provide a job everyone regardless of their skills, educational background or geographical location. Thue.today focuses on Hospitality, F&B and Retail industries.

Highlight Features:

Recruitment focus only on F&B, Restaurant, Retail ...
Machine learning:
• Matching candidates and employers, helps to apply faster
• Targeted online advertising
• Finding new candidates by Fanpage, groups, Zalo,
other partners.
Only charge when employer chooses suitable candidates.
Fee from as low as 1 USD/candidate information.

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  • Thue Today

  • Thue Today

  • 10 Lương Định Của, Bình An, Quận 2, Tp. HCM

  • team@thue.today

  • http://thue.today/

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Lê Duy Lân

Lê Duy Lân

Tham gia từ 07/2016
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Phan Ngọc Thịnh

Tham gia từ 08/2017

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